Albemarle Square Family Healthcare provides specialized exam services for both new and current patients needing to complete an exam for school, work, or sports. Our specialized exams include:

Athletic Physicals

These determine if it’s safe for you to participate in a sport. Even if a physical is not required, we highly recommend that you have one if you plan to participate in a sport, as these exams can help you find out about, and deal with, health problems that might interfere with your participation in a sport. During the athletic (or sports) physical, the doctor will ask you about your medical history, then conduct a physical exam. Our doctors may even be able to offer training tips or give you ideas for avoiding injuries, such as strengthening or stretching exercises. Athletic physicals not only keep you safe—they can also make you a better athlete.

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Commercial Driver Exams

These are physical exams required by the DOT (Department of Transportation) for commercial drivers to evaluate if you are healthy enough to complete the job duties associated with driving commercial vehicles. The test results are valid for up to 24 months and consist of a medical history and physical exam, including urine testing for drugs and alcohol.

Please bring:

  • a complete list of your medications (including dosages)
  • eyeglasses, contacts, or hearing aids if you have vision or hearing problems
  • your most recent Hemoglobin A1C results and blood sugar logs if you are diabetic
  • and if you have heart problems, a letter from your cardiologist indicating that it is safe for you to work
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Workers Compensation Exams

These are examinations related to workers compensation claims that are ordered by either your insurance company or your employer. We are committed to providing honest, thorough examinations and giving the patient our very best care and attentiveness.

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