Preventative Health Maintenance and Wellness

Health and wellness is a spectrum. What’s healthy for one person may not be very beneficial for another. Our doctors and nurse practitioners know that every person’s body is different, including his or her personality, needs, habits, and genetic predispositions. The goal at Albemarle Square Family Health Center in Charlottesville is to help you flourish in all aspects of life including mind, body, and spirit. We care deeply about all of our patients, and we aim to support our patients in living lives that are filled with wellness and joy. In doing so, we emphasize preventive medicine and health maintenance to set our patients up for success from the second they walk through our doors.

Health maintenance is an ongoing process through life that enables people to gain more control over and improve their overall health. At Albemarle Square Family Health, we incorporate health maintenance by working to give our patients the tools they need to live a long, healthy, and happy life. We do this by instilling an understanding of a healthy, well-balanced diet, helping to create a sustainable exercise regimen, building a mindset that’s conducive to personal success and lasting health, and by giving our patients the knowhow to listen to their own bodies as they progress through life.

One of the best ways to maintain your health is to never be sick or hurt in the first place. That’s why at Albemarle Square, we offer preventive medicine. This type of medical practice focuses on the health of individuals by establishing a strong basis of health long before anything bad happens. Preventive medicine will protect and promote healthy living, helping prevent things like diseases before they even have time to spread. To put it simply, the healthcare professionals at Albemarle offer annual wellness evaluations and regular check-ups that will help identify any risk factors that may cause problems for you along the way.

Starting a proactive lifestyle may seem daunting at first, but with help from your family doctors at Albemarle Square, you’ll be able to establish and maintain a healthy regimen for years to come. We want all of our patients to live life to the fullest, and supporting them through every twist and turn through life is just one way we can help make things better.

Preventive medicine and health maintenance are different for every one of our patients. Our objective as soon as you walk into our medical practice is to build a great relationship and find out exactly what your individual needs are so we can start you on the right path to health and success as early as possible.

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